Training Day 7

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    The following were identified as members of the magazine / success stories compilation and reporting team:
    1. Chair
    2. Secretary
    3. Sheila
    4. M & E Chair
    First publication required during the official launch of the Likoni CDAC office in January 2022.
    UIG tasked to compile, design and publish the magazine.
    The team to open social media pages including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube
    Field tour planned to collect missing baseline information, generate monitoring reports and capture success stories, as part of magazine content and for social media sharing.
    Photo and Video services required.


    First Magazine Publication Content:

    Story One:

    Community Members Feel More Involved through the CDAC Public Participation Engagements, Contrary to the Situation before Operationalisation of the Mining Act 2016 and Gazettment of the Community Development Agreement Committees.

    Story Two: Education Infrastructure and Bursary

    Student Rescued from Suicide Mission

    Story Three:
    Local Content Optimization – Direct and Indirect Economic Opportunities Realized.

    Story Four:
    Environmental Solutions Integrated with Economic Empowerment Opportunities for Likoni Youth and Women

    Story Five:
    Community Water Solutions

    Story Six:
    Improving Living Conditions for PWDs

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