Market Basket

MARKET BASKET is a Dedicated Local Supplier Development Capacity Building Platform and a Strategic Campaign for Economic Empowerment of Grassroots Communities through Improved Investor Community Relations and Business Engagements. Looking Forward to Offering Negotiated Market Strategic Linkages for Small Scale Traders and Self Help Groups to Access and Sustain Available Supply Chain Opportunities within the Extractives Sector, Hotel and Tourism Industry, Multinational Corporations, Government Institutions and Parastatals, Extending to Local and International Development Agencies.

This is a community empowerment partnership invitation targeting to create mutually fulfilling relationships that promote peaceful and value adding investor community engagements. It gives us greatest pleasure to collaborate with business entities including government, private sector, NGOS, local and international development agencies willing to share with us supply chain real opportunities and capacity building support through the Market Basket Biashara – Pamoja Platform, to support our overall vision for local supplier development and benefits among communities.

Market Basket is offering this special opportunity to SMEs to join the local suppliers development platform to access our customized capacity building programs and real business opportunities, ranging from crowd farming, strategic business capital goods and assets co ownership and numerous supply chain opportunities shared by government institutions, private sector companies, Non – Governmental Organizations, local and international development agencies.

The Virtual Resource Centre and Business Hub Portal is a Community Empowerment Project of Ummah Initiative Group (UIG) Supported by Base Titanium

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