Welcome Note

VIREC is a Virtual Resource Centre of the Ummah Initiative Group in Partnership with the World Class Kwale Mineral Sands Vision 2030 Flagship Base Titanium Project.

VIREC is basically a knowledge base and skills building platform targeting to support career and entrepreneurship development among diverse categories of users across the country and beyond.

Beyond knowledge creation, sharing and skills development, VIREC is a practical business hub offering local supplier development programs, businesses linkages and real supply chain opportunities supported by various custom E-Commerce Platforms such as the Market Basket, the Tijara online shop, and the Faraja Properties and Destinations Platform.

The ECOPRO Platform is a Pool of Shared Corporate Environmental Experiences and Solutions, Innovative Environmental and Socio Economic Solutions, Research Opportunities and Real Circular Economy Business Opportunities for Economic Empowerment of Grassroots Communities.

The VIREC STEM Support Programs are Specifically Designed to Promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics among Primary and Secondary School Students through the Annual Symposium Event and Holiday Camps.

VIREC is seeking to create a one stop shop for our members to access jobs and internship opportunities, as well as useful and career enriching volunteer opportunities that translate to valuable community support.

On matters governance VIREC platform offers the perfect opportunity for nurturing a new generation of youthful leaders through the Youth Action for Open Governance Community Campaign. The YAOGA platform in addition to establishment of YAOGA Citizen Councils across the counties and capacity building, it is availing actual field work activities on Citizen Participation and Social Accountability for Government and the extractives sector community projects, and providing a platform for community projects profiling and comparisons to allow room for replication and upscaling of good governance and community economic empowerment and transformation success stories from the field.

We welcome partnerships with relevant government institutions, development partners, the corporate sector and other non-governmental development agencies.

Ali Libondo

Executive Director – Ummah Initiative Group


EVITO is a Community Empowerment Platform of the Ummah Initiative Group in Partnership with Base Titanium.

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