Opportunities to fundraise for your business needs and build strategic business funding partnerships

Providing a Dedicated Platform for Crowd farming and Business Strategic Capital Goods & Assets Co Ownership, to Mitigate Capital Challenges Affecting Upcoming Entrepreneurs among Diverse Communities across the Counties.

The Community Business Revolving Fund Initiative through the Crowd farming and and Strategic Business Investments Assets Co Ownership is offering life changing business start up opportunities to our youth graduating with diverse technical skills:

Carpentry, Mechanics, Building and Construction, Food and beverage, Textiles and fashion design, Artisanal Miners, General Handcraft Business Assets.

Crowd Farming & Trading

Through the Community Business Fundraising and Business Growth Program, we are extending this special opportunity to farmers and those interested in farming and related businesses, to join hands and partner in strategic profitable farming businesses to overcome the challenges they face separately as individuals. Market Basket is happy to offer the Crowd farming opportunities to make it possible for challenged farmers and potential farmers to co invest, co own and co benefit from strategic farming assets ranging from land, livestock, farming value addition equipment and machinery.

Strategic Business Assets Acquisition and Partnership Opportunities

Through the Strategic Business Assets Acquisition and Partnership, we are offering a wide range of shared investment opportunities to allow interested individuals and SMEs to own properties and join such lucrative investments as real estate. This platform offers room for partnerships and collaborations with wealthy individuals, corporations, manufacturers and real estate agencies, banks and other financial institutions, to create opportunities for co ownership of strategic property businesses among upcoming entrepreneurs. This platform can be particularly useful for grant facilities offered by a wide range of development partners ranging from government affirmative action facilities, community economic empowerment revolving fund programs implemented by various development stakeholders, and can be integrated into various corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Transforming Artisanal Mining through Affordable Means of Acquiring Extraction and Value Addition Business Support Equipment & Market Linkages

EVITO is a Community Empowerment Platform of the Ummah Initiative Group in Partnership with Base Titanium.

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