Protection of natural mangrove ecosystem in Vanga region

Kwale County, Lungalunga Sub County, Vanga Ward

Environmental concerns and natural disasters management (floods, landslides, deforestation etc)

Specific Problem or Need –

We are solving the problem of increased rate of deforestation of mangrove forest in Vanga corridors by villagers to obtain logs for construction of houses and charcoal to cook. Additionally, there is increased rate of waste dumping in the mangrove forest, especially non-biodegradable garbage which as a result, impedes the growth of the trees. The cascading effects of such irresponsible actions have manifested in several ways: reduced fish availability, emergence of diseases and loss of biodiversity. The project seeks to protecting natural ecosystem not only to preserve biodiversity but also, to preserve a vital resource for local communities

Early Warning Signs and Indicators –

  • Disappearance of fish and other crustacean species that live and bred on mangroves water.
  • The increasing number of sick people suffering from vector-borne and water-borne diseases due to pollution of areas surrounding the mangrove forest

Rapid Response Proposals –

  • Create awareness on the importance of conserving the mangroves
  • Monitoring of the mangrove forest to prevent deforestation and pollution of the forest
  • Using bricks to construct houses and bio-gas to cook

Likely Worst Case Scenario –

  • Reduced fish availability in the Vanga marine eco-system. This is due to the fact that fish directly rely on the mangroves for feeding, breeding and nursing. Cutting and polluting of the mangroves will reduce the availability of fish and as, fishermen will struggle to make ends meet. This may also lead to increased crime rates as there is no other source of income.
  • Loss of biodiversity such as crabs, shrimps, turtles that will diminish due to the elimination of their habitats.
  • Emergence of an epidemic due to poor waste handling system

Most Efficient and Effective Interventions –

  • Patrolling machine boat for patrolling along the mangrove shores
  • Increase the general cleaning day per month.
  • Creating awareness to the community on the importance of proper waste disposal
  • Afforestation of mangroves in the region especially in badly affected zones
  • Forming fishing associations where fishing database will be developed for research
  • Generating bio-gas from organic waste for cooking.

Collaborations and Partnerships –

  • Beach Management Unit
  • County government of Kwale
  • County department of public health
  • Kenya Marine Forest and Research Institute (KEMFRI)
  • National Environmental Management Authority
  • Extractive Virtual Tour (EVITO)

Resource required include: 10 litters bins, 10 wheel barrow, 10 spade, bio-gas system
Resource available now include: 4 wheelbarrow, 2 Spade and a team of volunteers.
We are seeking to raise Ksh 300,000 to implement the project

Implementation Level of the Proposed Solution –

We are planning to start by early June 2021 subject to availability of the required resource.

Mwanatumu Kadau – 0720059170 – Patron

Jadi Ali – 0718738437 – Secretary

Zalikha Mohammed – 0702614302 – Treasury

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