Proper disposal of face masks to curb the spread of COVID-19

Kwale County, Msambweni Sub County, Ukunda, Kilolapwa Village

Specific Problem or Need –

COVID– 19 emergencies & risk behaviour monitoring, reporting & quick response

Environmental concerns and natural disasters management (floods, landslides, deforestation etc)

Early Warning Signs and Indicators –

Irresponsible dumping of masks in the community leading to excessive spread of the virus within the community, especially amongst children

Rapid Response Proposals –

Educate the community members on the importance of proper disposal of the Covid-19 masks to stop the spread of the virus.

Likely Case Scenario –

Increased death rate due to COVID-19 in Msambweni

Efficient and Effective Interventions –

  1. Creating awareness on proper disposal of face masks
  2. Establishing of disposal points where disposed masks will be collected for burning

Partnerships and Collaborations –

  • County government of Kwale
  • Education department
  • Healthy department
  • National government
  • Community

Resources required –

  • Face masks and sanitizers.
  • Transport reimbursement.
  • Branding materials e.g T.shirts
  • Gloves
  • Training material

Available resources

  • Membership volunteers
  • Training services
  • Community mobilization
  • Stakeholders mobilization

Implementation Level of the Proposed Solution –

We would like to start the project in May, 2021.
We would like to start the implementation of the project.

Seif Omar Mwajora – O722218834 – Chairman

Binti Mwasema – 0701319613 – Treasury

Ali Said Kauli – 0713423179 – Secretary


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