Mitigation of deforestation in Bongwe sub-location

Kwale County, Msambweni Sub County, Bongwe Village

Environmental concerns and natural disasters management (floods, landslides, deforestation etc)

Specific Problem or Need –

  • Deforestation in Bongwe sub-location to obtain cooking firewood

Early Warning Signs and Indicators –

  • Soil erosion and flooding in Bongwe due to cutting of trees which hold soil and absorb storm water
  • Increased greenhouse gases due to lack of enough trees to absorb carbon dioxide
  • Famine due to loss of arable land and harsh climatic conditions
  • Loss of biodiversity due to cutting of trees which are habitats to insects and animals

Rapid Response Proposals –

  • Creating awareness on environmental conservation through usage of environmental friendly energy source
  • Host regular tree planting campaigns to cover bare land

Likely Worst Case Scenario –

Creating environmental friendly energy source for cooking in Bongwe location by developing bio digesters to generate bio gas from organic waste (from plants and animals). The generated bio-gas will be sold to the villagers at a subsidized rate and the resulting bio-slurry will then be used as a source of manure in farming.

Partnerships and Collaborations –

  • Ummah Initiative Group (UIG)
  • Kwale county government
  • National environment management authority (NEMA)

Resources required include: 3000L digester tank, PVC pipes, hacksaw with a frame, single-sided hacksaw blade, hammer and a spanner.

The resource we have now include a storage shade where we will be storing the collected organic waste.

We would like to raise 200,000 Ksh through Qivuli Crowdfunding to procure all the needed material within 6 months.

Implementation Level of the Proposed Solution –

The proposed solution is still at its planning phase. We would like to start the project in June as we are currently collecting more organic waste to be fed into the bio-digester.

Ramadhan Khamis Mwachili – 0712768836 – Patron

Bahati Mohammed Mwakaphu – 0717811487 – Chairman

Mariam Omar Mwagololi – 0753360877 – Secretary

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