Green Life Africa

Machakos County, Machakos Town Sub County, Machakos Central Ward, Kiima Kimwe

Environmental Concerns and Natural Disasters Management (Floods, Landslides, Deforestation etc)

Specific Problem or Need –

Solid waste management in households within Machakos town through offering garbage collection services.

Early Warning Signs and Indicators –

  • Evidence of mushrooming open dumpsites within the residential areas
  • High number of construction of new residential areas within Machakos town.
  • Construction of new industries and hotels within Machakos.

Rapid Response Proposals –

  • Creating awareness on the importance of proper solid waste management.
  • Offer garbage collection service at a subsidized rate for the low income earning population.

Likely Worst Case Scenario –

  • Outbreak of diseases such as cholera in Machakos.
  • Contamination of streams that provide water to residents.
  • Increased carbon emissions since most people opt to burn the poorly disposed waste.

Efficient and Effective Interventions –

  • Raising awareness on proper sanitation to curb the outbreak of diseases.
  • Lobby the local authorities to develop policies that protect the water bodies in the region from contamination.
  • Create partnerships with recycling companies to enable the sorting and have a high volume of waste recycled.

Partnerships and Collaborations –

  • The county government of Machakos.
  • Mr. Green Limited.

Required resource: a lorry to aid in transportation of waste.
Resources available include: human resource, hand tools and equipment, garbage handling bags, clientele, work station (office).

We wish to raise Ksh 1 Million through Qivuli crowdfunding for a period of 6 months

Implementation Level of the Proposed Solutions –

The project has been running since 2016 to date.

The Team

Dennis Kioko – Founder – +254714688940

Samuel Nguta – Co Founder – +254715355433

Brown Odeng – Coordinator – +254700889921

Barnabas Kiprotich – Assistant Coordinator – +254725606635


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