Development and implementation of garbage and drainage system

Kwale County, Msambweni Sub County, Ukunda Ward, Kibundani Village

Environmental concerns and natural disasters management (floods, landslides, deforestation etc)

Specific Problem / Need

The biggest hurdle facing Ukunda is poor management of waste which often leads to emergence of epidemics. The waste is mostly washed into drainage systems which eventually block the systems, leading to overflow of sewage into communities. This has not only polluted the environment (water and air) but also resulted to rise of diseases.

The garbage is misplaced in large quantities thus making it dangerous since it enables mosquitoes to breed as well as harmful bacteria from the dirty water and waste. The rise in malaria cases in this zone is a warning that it may be more with time if not administered such as dengue fever and elephantiasis

Early Warning Signs and Indicators –

Increased rate of water-borne and vector-borne diseases such as malaria and elephantiasis which can result to high mortality rate especially amongst infants

Rapid Response Interventions –

Despite the provision of the government program (KAZI KWA VIJANA), the success of making Ukunda clean is only about 50%. As a group, we have gone a step further to establish a firm that gives us the capability of collecting all the waste and make use of it as natural manure.

 Worst Case Scenario. ?

Efficient and Effective Interventions –

Uncontrolled dumping of waste and overflow of sewage can result to diseases such as malaria, cholera, dengue fever, elephantiasis and bilharzia which can lead to death, especially amongst infants. Dirty environment can also discourage tourists from visiting our zone which will negatively impact our economy as Ukunda strongly relies on tourism  

As a self-group, we propose establishing a waste management program whereby all organic waste will be collected from the village and converted into manure for sell. This will not only improve the plantations around our zone but also, generate income for our group and expand our project in other zones such as Lungalunga and Kinango.

Partnerships and Collaborations –

  • The county government of Kwale
  • National environment management authority (NEMA)
  • Base Titanium Limited (BTL)
  • Extractive Virtual Tours (EVITO)

The resources required in this implementation of garbage collection are:

  • Dust bins for collection of waste
  • Tank for oxidation of manure
  • A big site or farm for all operations
  • A tuk tuk fro transporting our garbage to the right place of farming, dumping and making manure. We only have a single mkokoteni which cannot work effectively or faster
  • Jembes, rakes, spades, slashers, gloves
  • Water pump for pumping enough water from our borehole

We wish to raise Ksh 300,000 for a period of 1 year

Implementation Level of the Proposed Solution –

The resources available include: half an acre of land, a borehole, labor from our group, a cart, 4 rakes, 3 jembes, 2 spades and several boxes of gloves.
Our implementation is only up to 40%. However, we wish to expand so that we can conduct our activities at a larger scale.

AMBROSE MUTORO – Chair – 0727580384

Janet Mutua – Patron – Secretary – 0724989287

Mwanamisi Chinondu – treasurer – 0790323479

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