Boresha Mazingira Na Afya Kwa Jamii – Mwaroni Community Campaign

Boresha Mazingira Na Ustawi wa Jamii Initiative is an Early Warning and Early Response intervention, responding to environmental and socio economic challenges affecting Mwaroni Village, in Msambweni Sub County in Kwale County.

Mwaroni village community is being affected by uncontrolled dumping and burning of solid waste, resulting in land and water pollution within residential areas, leading to outbreak of water-borne and vector-borne diseases. This is the specific problem or need that we would like to solve through the Boresha Mazingira na Afya Kwa Jamii Mwaroni Community Campaign under the Ummah Initiative ECOPRO project.

Early Warning Signs and Indicators

Some of the early warning signs already manifest among residents of Mwaroni village due to the uncontrolled burning of waste include water borne and vector diseases such as;

Early Response Interventions

We are appealing to stakeholders support to help us implement the following measures to help solve the problems that Mwaroni residents are facing as a result of uncontrolled dumping and burning of waste materials:

  1. Creating environmental awareness to the local community to emphasize the importance of environment conservation and proper waste management to avoid spread of water borne and vector borne diseases.
  2. Establishing norms and village based enforcement structures that will help tackle negative attitude and carelessness among village members when it comes to dumping and burning waste.
  3. Introducing tree planting and beautification initiatives after removal of garbage waste point to develop orchards where fruits will be grown for sell, and improve the scenic beauty of the village environment.

Worst Case Scenario

If we do not take timely action now to solve the environmental problems facing the villagers in Mwaroni, our children will suffer respiratory diseases and water borne diseases hence affect their growth and performance in schools due to continued absenteeism, poverty levels among families will increase due to more money used in Medicare and decreased engagement in productive economic activities. Again there will be no safe and clean places for resting due to garbage stench.  If we have garbage scattered all over, then we shall not have safe playgrounds for our children, and public resting places for the elderly. We could also end up with closure of some businesses for example eateries, or even learning institutions within areas that have serious garbage problems. This will further exacerbate the economic woos and stagnated rate of development. 

Collaborations and Partnerships

In order to solve the problems that Mwaroni village is facing we hope to work closely with likeminded stakeholders starting with office of the village administrator, the office of the chief, community members especially the youth and women. Other potential stakeholders who can support this initiative include National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), Ummah Initiative Group, Base Titanium, Kwale County Natural Resources Network and the Business Community including the beach hotels and others.


To support this initiative we are appealing for assistance from stakeholders and well-wishers to help us acquire the following resources:

  • Custom made Tuktuk garbage collection facilities and handcarts
  • Personal Protective Equipment including overalls, gumboots, gloves, masks
  • Soap Detergents
  • Disinfectants
  • Working tools such as rakes, spades, jembes, garbage bins and sacks.

Crowdfunding Campaign

We would like to raise KES 300,000 to help us implement the interventions that will save Mwaroni villagers from severe environmental calamities, health diseases and general negative economic implications.

Pay Bill Number 4033607

Account Name MWARONI


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