Early Warning Early Response Community Solutions

Early Warning Early Response Community Solutions

Is there anything happening around you that could be a threat to the environment and natural resources around you? Could it be mining activities, fishing, deforestation, major construction work, interference with marine ecosystems, industrial emissions, floods, landslides, garbage disposal, sewage overflow and leakages, freshwater pipe leakages and related concerns?

EVITO is encouraging community members and organised groups to develop local community owned and sustainable solutions for a better environment and prevention of disasters related to environmental malpractices. Waste Management and Recycling Innovative Community Solutions are Highly Encouraged.

Submit an innovative and impacting solution to get an opportunity to make a presentation during the quarterly EVITO presentation webinars.

Winning innovative solutions will be given a chance to raise resources through the Qivuli crowdfunding platform, and also considered for the EVITO Annual Awards 2021.

EVITO is a Community Empowerment Platform of the Ummah Initiative Group in Partnership with Base Titanium.

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