Community Development Success Stories Driven By the Blue Economy Sector

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  Maryam Juma Adrusi
Describe the situation before the intervention
  -The intervention took place in Mombasa for a period of 5 years from 2017-2022.
-Lack of community participation , improper waste disposal and access of information from well trained personnel gave rise to community hazard.
Describe the intervention and positive impact achieved. Describe the investors who sponsored the intervention, amount of money invested and financial year. How did the intervention address the specific gaps and challenges the community was facing? How does the situation look like after the intervention (Success and satisfaction indicators)?
  -Intervention focused on changing lifestyle behaviour and health outcomes through structural education on proper waste management practices.
-Mombasa cement sponsored the intervention contributing more than 100,000,000 ksh annually.
-The intervention created awareness through psycholeducating of community members
-Employment opportunities for community members and economic growth.
Is the intervention complete or work in progress? Can the intervention be scaled and / or replicated? What is needed to scale it up and replicate for bigger impact?
  -The Intervention is complete where it can be scaled and replicated obtaing a consistent result.
-To scale up recruitment of more well trained and qualified personnel.
How does the intervention support or compliment County and national government development plans? In what ways has the intervention contributed to the realisation of the global sustainable development goals (SDGs)?
  -The Intervention supports county and national government development plan as it has improved quality of life to all people through employment opportunities.

-In realisation of the Global Sustainable Development Goals the Intervention has conserv and Sustainably use ocean , seas and marine resources for suitable development.

Is the intervention guided by a formal relationship between the community and the investors, or is it a CSR gesture? Is the investor – community relationship anchored in law? Are the guiding investor community relations regulations sufficient? What else needs to be done to solidify the investor – community relations for optimal mutual socio economic benefits?
  -The Intervention is guided by a CSR gesture.
– Investor – community relationship have no specific laws that govern it. However, the company has self regulate through setting their own standards for the good of their stakeholders.
-Strategic planning and effective implementation of strategies need to be dibs for optimal mutual socio-econic benefits.
Name of Liaison Community Organ Responsible for this Particular Community Development Success Story
  IVOD SGD Focus

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