Business Capital Revolving Fund, Crowdfunding & Partnerships

Revolving Fund Scope & Objectives

Establish a business support fund to support viable start-ups and expanding entrepreneurship ventures among community members.

Reorganisation of the business environment to enhance capabilities and position MSMEs strategically for diverse lucrative business opportunities across sectors

Empowerment and reorganisation of mining grassroots communities for strategic positioning to create entry into post mining direct and indirect economic opportunities.

Establishment of a community business support savings pool to increase business funding portfolio through the Revolving Fund Program and the Virtual Resource Centre and Business Hub platform.

Creation of an enabling framework for community development agreement committees to exploit profitable business ventures in partnership with community members and other business entities to support further economic empowerment of the community members and to generate profits to expand and sustain the revolving fund kitty.

Potential Business Financing Partnerships include: CDAC Revolving Funds, National Government Affirmative Action Funds – NGAAF, Youth and Women Enterprise Development Fund, Constituency Development Funds, County Government Trade Revolving Funds, Commercial Banks and other Micro Finance Institutions, Non-Governmental Organisations, Local and International Development Partners, other Charitable Organisations and Individual Philanthropists.

Awards Driven Business Fundraising and Business Growth: The Virtual Resource Centre in Partnership with Base Titanium and Kwale Mining Community Development Agreement Committees, hereby invites interested youth and women groups to register for the Business Fundraising and Growth Awards 2022 Program. The Business Fundraising and Growth Awards program is part of our strategy to gradually build a community empowerment revolving fund to support start-ups, business expansion, business partnerships and matching funds resource mobilisation campaigns.

Phase One:

Business Fundraising and Growth Awards

Phase Two:

EVITO is a Community Empowerment Platform of the Ummah Initiative Group in Partnership with Base Titanium.

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